Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lame Professor Comments On Lame Duck President

Maybe Professor Zelizer isn’t really lame, but his article for CNN sure is.

From Commentary: Bush should do something to stop crisis by Julian E. Zelizer:

Pundits, including some conservatives, feel the coalition Ronald Reagan built in 1980 has fallen apart. Bush was the captain of the Republican Titanic as it sank.
Actually, Bush is responsible for sinking the entire country, not just the Republicans.
Now, with just less than two months left in his presidency, Bush should follow the tradition of lame-duck presidents who tried to make a difference, rather than simply playing out the clock.

The economy is in crisis and there is strong demand for Washington to do something. President Bush's legacy could benefit from some effective action. The president should break bread with Democrats and get this recovery started.
Why Mr. Zelizer thinks that George W. Bush is capable of doing this is anyones guess. Bush has proven himself to be the most incompetent man to hold the office of President of the United States that our country has ever seen. Suddenly his brain will fill with brilliance?

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