Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where Is My Bailout?

All American workers and consumers are essential to the American economy. When will the government bail us out?

Screw Ford!

The past is past. Is that what we should tell someone serving a life sentence for murder? The past is past, and the future will suck if we continue to reward incompetence and failure.

From Ford CEO on bailout opposition: Past is past:

Ford Motor Company chief executive Alan Mulally defended his company Tuesday against charges that Ford caused its own problems and said bailing out Detroit was essential to the U.S. economic recovery.
CNN’s headline is misleading. Nowhere in their article do they actually quote Mulally saying “past is past.”

I still say: “Screw Ford!”

If the government wants to give money to an auto maker they should give it to somebody like this, on the condition that they make their cars more affordable. Let’s try rewarding competence for a change.

Ford is a dinosaur. It deserves to become extinct. Chrysler and GM as well. Let them go bankrupt. Make more room for the innovative car companies. The ones that can make a profit without the government's help. Isn’t that how capitalism is supposed to work?

Once upon a time Ford was an innovative company. A company that was partially responsible for the bankruptcy of many buggy and wagon manufacturers. Back then, did the government try to bailout the buggy and wagon manufacturers? I don’t know. If they did, it was a stupid thing to do. You can’t stand in the way of progress and innovation.

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