Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's Make The Wealthy More Wealthy

With each passing year the wealthiest among us become even more wealthy. The rest of us are having our jobs shipped overseas, and our sons and daughters shipped to Iraq. Those of us that still have a job are not being paid a fair wage, while crooked and incompetent CEO's are being paid too much. And what little wealth we have is slowly being eroded away.

John McCain frequently says that he wants to create more wealth. That’s good. However, he doesn’t want to spread the wealth around. He wants those that are the wealthiest among us to become even more wealthy. That’s not good.

The playing field is rigged, and it benefits those who have the most money and power. McCain wants to rig the playing field to be even more in their favor. He tells us that somehow this will benefit all of us. I don’t believe him. I’m still waiting for my “trickle” from Reagan, Bush, and Bush.

Barack Obama wants to level the playing field a little bit, so that it will benefit the little guy a little more. We already have plenty of wealth in the United States. What is wrong with spreading it around a little? What Barrack Obama proposes is not socialism. It is Americanism. It is fairness and equality.

You work hard, don’t you deserve a bigger slice of the pie?

John McCain’s campaign slogan could easily be: “Let’s make the wealthy more wealthy.” Does Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or the Walton family actually need more money? Or do you?

According to my interpretation of Edward Wolff, Barack Obama’s “socialist” plans will benefit capitalism more than John McCain’s proposals (what are they?) to grow the wealth:

If that is not convincing to a person, the second reason is that inequality is actually harmful to the well-being of a society. There is now a lot of evidence, based on cross-national comparisons of inequality and economic growth, that more unequal societies actually have lower rates of economic growth. The divisiveness that comes out of large disparities in income and wealth, is actually reflected in poorer economic performance of a country.

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