Monday, November 3, 2008

In No God We Trust

From Why eventually electing an atheist would be the best idea:

OK - I know we're not ready as a Country to even consider this right now - but wouldn't it be nice if.....

Our President believed that a person gets one life - here - on Earth - and that there is no magical fairy land where you go when you die.

*That President might be a little less likely to allow the poor, the sick and the needy to suffer through the one life they were born into. They might do a little more to care for those in other areas of our World who, through no fault of their own don't have the resources to provide even basic services for their citizens. So they suffer and die in horrible conditions and death is sometimes a welcome predator. That President might be more willing to mobilize our vast potential for good and provide a better life for those people.

*That President might be a little less likely to allow our men and women bravely serving us in the military to die for needless wars, and might actually feel guilty for killing human beings (even if they are brown) because he knows that when they die, they don't get a harem full of beautiful virgins to ravage as they please. They know that a bullet or a bomb is ending forever the hopes and dreams of a human being.

*That President might be a little less likely to rape and pillage the environment, because they know this planet is the only one we have and that there is no supernatural being coming back to take us all to a better place. THIS IS OUR BETTER PLACE - and he would know that we need to protect it.

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