Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Member Of The Insane Asylum Rants About Insanity

Ted Nugent unloads, let's hope he never reloads.

Insanity is not pretty. Never is. As we wade daily through the unholy quagmire of insanity as the new norm, those of us dedicated to never give up, never give in, never back down, never surrender this sacred experiment in self-government to the cuckoo’s nest gang all around, we must do all we can on a daily basis to identify the insanity, flush out the insane parties guilty of spreading it and fight harder than ever to stop it cold ASAP.

The insanity is so entrenched and widespread that it is very difficult to get past the ubiquitous perpetrators in order to wake up the apathetic. It is very much like trying to identify dangerous zombies when the dangerous zombies run the government, the media and most of academia.

We must never waste our time trying to fix the insane, for part of the problem with insane people is that they are too insane to recognize insanity.
The list of irrefutable evidence could go on forever in these insane times, and I would be so happy to debate these self-evident truths with anyone, anywhere, anytime – for if you are insane enough to debate me, I would gladly chew down your family tree and spit sawdust in your face just for the entertainment value alone.

Democrats are insane. Bernie Sanders is insane. Hilary Clinton is the goddess of insanity, and the insane people that support these freaks are insanely trying to destroy the last best place and last best hope for freedom.
According to Ted Nugent, only Democrats are insane, there are no insane Republican. Doesn't this prove that good old Ted is insane?

I think Ted needs to find a hobby or something. He needs another source of entertainment other than spitting sawdust in people's faces.

Nugent complains about Nancy Pelosi. He proves her 'insanity' by misquoting her.
  1. The Democrats must be terminally insane to allow Nancy Pelosi to squawk, “You don’t have to read the bill; you need to pass it to find out what’s in it. Where in the hell does that work?
What did she really say?

"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." - Nancy Pelosi

Notice that Nugent changed "so that you can find out" to "to find out". Instead of ranting about who is insane, let's rant about who is dishonest.

Let's play word association:

Barack Obama - Insane?

Ted Nugent - Insane?

Finally, I think that Ted Nugent is the last person who should criticize another person using the word "squawk".

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