Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ted Nugent Is Off The Rails, Take His Guns Away

As a large, in charge, Motown black man my bad-self, who honed my Sonic Baptizm, soul-cleansing soulmusic on the greasy rhythm and blues of the musical funk and roll gods James Brown and Chuck Berry et al., and who learned and then perfected the fine art of American defiance from my hero Rosa Parks, I continue to celebrate nonstop all things good and black.
The Democratic Party has preyed on black brothers and sisters for too long. What they have done to black America is arguably a crime against humanity. They have essentially killed the dream of the promised land that brother Martin Luther King spoke about, yet the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and others still support the Democratic Party. Simply amazing.

Black power begins with recognizing who our real enemies are and who are friends are. The Democratic Party is nothing more than a pack of wolves festooned in shiny, white sheepskin. The Democratic Party has conned us into voting for them for decades, and in every instance, our votes for them have been against our own economic self-interest.
Is Ted Nugent saying that he has been conned into voting for the Democratic Party for decades? Does Ted Nugent thinks he is a black man, and that Obama is white?

According to Ted, if Martin Luther King were able to come back from the dead, he would look around, see a black president and say: "Damn it, they killed my dream."

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