Monday, February 1, 2016

Thanks To Rush Limbaugh

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh I think I have this whole climate change thing figured out.

If you're like Rush and you don't believe anyone but yourself you can use Rush's technique and then claim it as your own.

The simplest way to understand climate change is to look out your window. That's it. If it is snowing, then climate change doesn't exist. Therefore it is only logical that if it is not snowing, then climate change does exist.

Here is an example. Today the midwest has blizzard conditions and has to deal with a storm named "Kayla". Therefore, for this area of the United States climate change is definitely real. Meanwhile for the citizens of Toronto, Canada, climate change is not real since it currently not snowing and the high temperature forecast for today is 41 degrees. And that is good old American degrees, not that weird foreign Celsius stuff.

It's nice, and so easy, being a simpleton.

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