Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Does Bribery Help The Economy?

I’ve paid taxes in the past. I’m paying taxes this year. In the name of helping the economy the government is giving some of the taxes I’ve paid in the past back to me. Next year they will just take this money away from me when I pay my taxes again. It doesn’t make sense to me.

My solution to the economic problems we are currently having is simple. Raise the minimum wage. A lot. Make it so that people have an incentive to work, and that they will be more likely to afford the goods and services that the marketplace makes available to them. The cost of gasoline and food, never mind housing, alone is killing people economically. Raising the minimum wage substantially would also immediately solve the Social Security crisis (if there really is one). Workers earning more money would have more money taken out of their paychecks for Social Security. Same thing with the “Medicare crisis.”

If the government really wants to provide some sort of economic stimulus package, how about one that amounts to more than bribery. When George W. Bush hands out checks to the American people it seems like bribery to me. Vote Republican, we give you money. How about an economic stimulus package that rewards people that do something positive for our country. How about one that rewards people that are trying to reduce the causes of global warming.

Government support of organizations such as The Cambridge Energy Alliance would help create jobs, stimulate the economy, and reduce our carbon footprint all at the same time. Or the government could just do something as simple as help lower the cost of clean energy across the board. Help lower the cost of that solar panel by paying for some of it. Help lower the cost of that green home or business renovation by paying for some of it. So many people would benefit from this: contractors, homeowners, green businesses, etc. Jobs would be created.

Why just try to stimulate the economy? Why give people money for nothing in return? Use the money in a way that will cause action instead. Why not try to stimulate people and businesses to DO something? Instead of simply trying to stimulate the economy those idiotic politicians in Washington should be trying to stimulate people too.

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