Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chuck Norris - Guns, God and gays

Wow! I’m glad that Ed Brayton has written about this, because I’m still scratching my head in amazement. It’s kind of hard for me to get past the name that Chuck Norris has chosen for his column. Yes, it really is Guns, God and gays. Is his column about two topics? Guns and God and gays? Perhaps only gays get into heaven? Or did Chuck want his column to be about three topics? Guns, God, and gays? Either way, I can’t help but wonder what Chuck Norris thinks about when he lays his head on his pillow at night. Guns, God and gays. I wish I could get that image out of my head. And why do guns take precedence over God in Chuck’s world?

I heartily recommend checking out Chuck Norris: The Gift That Keeps On Giving:

I really must send Worldnutdaily founder Joseph Farah a fruit basket or something to thank him for giving Chuck Norris a weekly column. No one else would have even considered giving that dullard a job that involved working with words or ideas, but Farah had a vision. And that vision has provided so much fodder for this blog that, truly, my cup overfloweth. His latest column is really quite amusing to read.
Read the rest over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

Even though I know the correct use of the word precedence, I’m willing to bet that Chuck gets more readers than I do. Life just isn’t fair.

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