Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tomas Young And His Body Of War

On Friday night PBS broadcast an especially moving episode of Bill Moyers Journal. Whatever your political affiliation this program deserves your attention. It is the story of the documentary film Body of War. It tells the story of Tomas Young. It is a heart wrenching tale of the true cost of war. One subplot of this tale is how we were rushed into a thoughtless decision to go to war by the conniving Bush administration and his Republican Congress. Another subplot is the disgraceful way the United States treats its disabled war veterans. You can learn more about the film at the Body of War website. There is also information at the PBS website, and you can view this episode of Bill Moyers Journal there. Also, YouTube has several videos posted.

This one shows our despicable government at work:

By the way, when Senator Byrd yells “Wait”, I’m willing to bet that he is holding his copy of the Constitution in his hand. He carries it around in his pocket at all times. Only Congress shall have “the power to declare war”, my ass. Also remember John McCain in this clip when it comes time to vote in November.

Another is the trailer for the film:

Another is a conversation between Eddie Vedder (who did the music for the film), and Tomas Young:

Thank you Phil Donohue and Ellen Spiro for making this film, and thank you Tomas Young for your courage in serving your country and for appearing in this film.

If I was George W. Bush my body would have self-imploded from guilt a very long time ago. How can this man live with what he has done?

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