Friday, March 28, 2008

This Just Sucks

According to Foreclosing on Fido people are abandoning their pets by leaving them behind INSIDE their foreclosed homes.

Read Foreclosing on Fido carefully. These two phrases just pop off the page: “In the swank Country Club area of Anthem” and “abandoned them in their foreclosed high-priced homes.” So these people weren’t just greedy and stupid (getting a mortgage that they couldn’t afford); they’re also assholes that abandon helpless animals. Why are so many people in the United States such jerks? I bet all these animal abusers voted for Bush. Twice.

Further on in the article it says that this problem hits across all income levels. Also, further on in the article is this gem:

…one in four admit they are leaving their pet behind because they're losing their homes and relocating to a leased unit that won't allow animals.
How callous are these people that they won’t go to the trouble to at least take these animals to their local animal shelter?

I have little sympathy for these people, even if they did lose their homes. Maybe the loss of their homes was some sort of Karma that was before its time.

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