Monday, April 7, 2008

V-Day Is Next Month

From V-Day Spotlights Katrina's Forgotten Misery By Jeanine Plant:

For its 10th anniversary this year, V-Day is bringing its fundraising focus to the New Orleans Arena and Louisiana Superdome, where 24,000 evacuees--the sick, disabled and poor among them--were penned in after Hurricane Katrina for five days in 2005, an event that horrified a nation watching the crisis unfold on TV.

Since then attention has drifted, Eve Ensler, the activist playwright who founded the group, told Women's eNews in a recent interview. "New Orleans is pretty much forgotten now by the media. There is a level of misery and abandonment that is immoral for an American city," she said of a city once called the Big Easy, but now still missing half its former population. "The 10th anniversary is to bring support and to be reminded of what happened and is still happening there."

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