Friday, May 30, 2008

Greedy Immoral Bastards

You would think that the United States would agree with the other 111 countries around the world that think that cluster bombs are bad. Who are the real terrorists of the world? What is wrong with the United States? Greedy, immoral bastards, that’s what we are. The United States is not civilized, it is barbaric. We say we are the good guys but we really aren't.

From Countries agree cluster bomb ban:

More than 100 countries attending a conference in Dublin, Ireland formally adopted a treaty Friday to ban cluster bombs -- a large, unreliable and inaccurate weapon that often affects civilians long after the end of armed conflict.

The countries agreed never to use cluster munitions or the explosive bomblets they contain, and they also agreed never to develop, acquire, retain or transfer cluster munitions, according to the official treaty document.

The 111 countries attending the two-week meeting agreed to the treaty Wednesday but formally signed it Friday.

The countries said they are "deeply concerned" about civilians suffering the long-term effects of cluster bombs.
Some of the biggest makers and users of cluster bombs cited by human rights groups -- such as the United States, Russia, China and Israel -- were not involved in the talks and did not sign the accord. Organizers expressed hope that those nations would nevertheless be pressured into compliance.
Laos is the most affected country. Millions of bomblets dropped during the Vietnam War continue to kill civilians more than three decades later.

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Oh yea, I almost forgot: God Damn America. (“for killing innocent people”)

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