Monday, May 19, 2008

There Is No Justice For All

From Searching for Answers in the Face of Tragedy by John Conyers:

The extinguishing of Sean Bell's young life is a tragedy that deserves justice, and I will continue to press for a full and fair investigation into the shooting and its prosecution. But this tragedy is far from being the first of its kind-- as Tom Robbins wrote in this week's Village Voice, "To get to the issues surrounding the death by police bullets of Sean Bell on the morning of his wedding day, you first have to joust with all the ghosts that have preceded him: that of [Michael] Stewart, of Arthur Miller, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Timothy Stansbury, Khiel Coppin, and a score of others. The fact that those who mistakenly die at the hands of the police are most often black and Hispanic remains the most obscene tax levied on this city's communities of color. It is an old injustice, but one for which the powers-that-be still lack any credible answers."

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