Thursday, May 15, 2008

Matt Lauer Is No Mike Wallace

What we have here is one rich guy asking another rich guy questions about the high price of gasoline. Both of these rich guys can afford to fill their gas tanks and then some. Notice how nice Matt Lauer is to one of the guys that is robbing Americans blind. Notice how every answer is a non-answer. Actually Mr. Lauer asks some pretty good questions. However there is no followup to all the non-answers. Pretty wimpy stuff Mr. Lauer.

We desperately need reporters and interviewers who aren’t making millions of dollars a year. Someone who is lean and hungry for a story. Not fat cats like Matt Lauer who are part of the club of the rich elite. We need someone who is mad as hell asking these questions. We need a pit bull, not a lapdog.

If you don't see the video try this: Exxon chief discusses gas prices.

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