Friday, May 30, 2008

Bush Bashers

If I was George W. Bush I would have resigned out of shame a long time ago.

From Not Everyone Is Hailing the Chief at This Commencement by Dan Eggen:

President Bush was probably expecting a warm welcome at Furman University, a small Baptist-rooted school in Greenville, S.C., where he is delivering the commencement address on Saturday.

It hasn't quite turned out that way.

More than 200 faculty members and students signed a letter this month criticizing the Bush administration's policies on the Iraq war, secret interrogations, the environment and other issues. The letter says that although it would ordinarily be "an honor" to host a president, "these are not ordinary circumstances."

"We are ashamed of these actions of this administration," the letter reads, after listing objections to Bush. "Because we love this country and the ideals it stands for, we accept our civic responsibility to speak out against these actions that violate American values."
Read the rest here.

Two hundred against Bush, but five hundred for him. I don’t understand how anyone can be pro Bush. The times they are a-crazy.

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