Sunday, May 18, 2008

Black Folks Can Hear That Dog Whistle Too

From There’s A Pattern Emerging Here by Terrance:

Perhaps no one in the Clinton campaign understands this, so let me make it plain. Black folks can hear that dog whistle too. I guarantee that in Black homes across America, where two or more are gathered and listened to that interview, one turned to the others and asked “You all heard that, right?” And the answer came back, “Mmmm hmmm,” followed by a collective sigh.

There is history in that sigh. I used to wonder, growing up, why some of the older folks I saw at church would shout and cry as if something traumatic had happened to them, and I always wondered what that trauma was. Now I think I understand. What the Clinton campaign is attempting to telegraph to white (and specifically southern) Americans is something those Black folks I witnessed shouting and crying had to hear every day, from people they knew and in many cases worked for. And for generations they had to quietly absorb it.

What is the Clinton campaign saying with its dog whistle to white Americans? In the bluntest terms, the Clinton campaign is saying to those who can hear their dog whistle: “That uppity nigger thinks he’s better than you. That black sonofabitch thinks he’s smarter than you. Are you really gonna let that boy run your country?”

Does the Clinton campaign think Black Americans don’t hear that dog whistle?

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