Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arjun Murti

From Wall Street's crude ways by David Weidner:

The hubris and insensitivity of energy trading is best personified by Goldman Sachs. A Goldman commodities analyst famously predicted in March 2005 that oil would reach $100 a barrel. At the time, a barrel was trading about $55. The prediction led to a lot of ridicule, but it also drove up prices in the short term, and ultimately came true.

It also led to speculation that Goldman was trying to goose the market because it had a huge position in oil derivatives.

Now, Arjun Murti, the same analyst who made the earlier prediction, is back, promising $200 oil this year. Murti is again talking about demand, but again, world consumption doesn't suggest the price should double.

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Anonymous said...

Did he also predict that oil would first rise 147 dollars and then drop tot 112 dollars a barrel in the first week of august before reaching this 200 dollar mark?

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