Sunday, August 24, 2008

Atheism Rules

No matter how many times some people say that communism equals atheism; atheism is not the same thing as communism.

“1.3 billion people under atheist rule.” How bogus can you get? Is this an example of the liberal media? Since when did atheism become a form of government? I thought that China was still a communist country. Or perhaps more accurately it is a socialist republic. What a load of bull crap from KWTX.

From Foreign Missionaries Defy Ban During Olympics:

Christian groups including Southern Baptists that ignored a Chinese ban on foreign missionaries say their underground evangelism during the Olympic games was a success.

Drawn to a nation of 1.3 billion people under atheist rule, the groups prepared for years for what the Southern Baptists once called "a spiritual harvest unlike any other."

Missionary Mark Taylor of Awaken Generation says 115 people from 12 countries gathered in Thailand for orientation before scattering throughout China.

He said they "did see some conversions."
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How christian is it to be so deceptive?

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Samuel Skinner said...

Yeah, they were off. The term should be secular government... which describes most of the world with exceptions for theocracies on some countires with such leanings.

As for China... they have declared religion is good for social harmony. Decrying them for being antitheist is ridiculous.

Brian Carnell said...

Um, it's not deceptive at all. Yes, China is far more tolerant of religion than it has in the past, but it is still the case that atheism is a prerequisite to membership in the ruling Communist Party.

Now if there was a state that had a ruling party and in order to even be considered for that party, you had to be Catholic, certainly that would be a Catholic-ruled country. To say that China is not an atheist-ruled country simply because it tolerates non-atheists doesn't make much sense.

Under that definition, it would be wrong to call Iran or Saudi Arabia Muslim-ruled countries.

Paul Thoreau said...

Mr. Carnell:

The KWTX article said “1.3 billion people under atheist rule.” A more accurate refutation on your part would be to say “a Catholic-ruled country” and/or “Muslim-ruled countries” are under theist rule. I have never seen or heard the expression “people under theist rule.” What does it mean?

Thank you for your comment.

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