Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They Whine For You

From Political Perceptions: Who’s the Whiner Now?

Who are the lastest “whiners”? Well the Republican Party, of course, writes The New Republic’s Michael Schaffer. “Whoever foots the bill, it’s a quadrennial Republican pastime to portray a Democratic candidate as unfit to live, much less hold high office. Left with a choice between ignoring the attacks or engaging in rapid rebuttals, Obama seems determined to avoid the fate of doomed predecessors like Michael Dukakis or John Kerry, whose failures to respond to negative campaigning contributed to their election-day losses,” Schaffer writes. So in response, Barack Obama is releasing some ads linking John McCain to President Bush and “Time will tell whether that works out for him.
You can find The Whine-Track Candidate by Michael Schaffer here.

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