Monday, August 25, 2008

"This marching thing" in Denver

Griff Jenkins of FoxNews in Denver:

How much money does FoxNews pay Griff Jenkins and Jamie Colby to come up with these words of wisdom?

  • “This is the recreate 68 crowd” (Yes, they really do exist. How nice it was of Griff and Jamie to give us so much information and background on them. Not!)

  • “This marching thing” (Not to be confused with the talking thing, pretending to be a news person.)

  • “I don’t know how rowdy this is going to be” (How about reporting the news, not predicting it.)

  • “These people say they believe in freedom of speech” (Meaning what, exactly?)

  • “Not all of them are Obama fans. That’s perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Obama’s getting not as much love as even Bush.” (It’s no surprise to me, Obama is simply the lesser of two evils. Where is the proof to support such an inane statement that these people dislike Obama more than Bush, because I really doubt that it is true.)

  • “But Griff, Puerto Rico and Hawaii as well, what is their concern there?” (Don’t the citizens of Puerto Rico and Hawaii vote?)

  • “I guess they don’t believe in freedom of speech” (In response to someone saying: “Fuck corporate media.”)

  • “Let’s just work this crowd, and see who else we can talk to” (Work this crowd?)

  • “Do you not believe in freedom?” (In response to someone saying: “Stop the torture, stop the war.”)

  • “It is out of control” (What? They seemed pretty peaceful and reasonable to me, given who they were talking to.)

  • “This group saying that they want to recreate 68” (But Griff Jenkins had previously said: “There are a lot of different groups represented.” Which is it? One group, or many?)

  • “Giving them a chance to speak out, to tell what their message is, and they’re not even talking, all they’re doing is screaming and yelling at him” (The message is that FoxNews sucks, lady. Clean out your ears.)
Thanks to onegoodmove, where I first stumbled upon this video.

And thanks to johnny dollar's place for the video.

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