Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Are More Equal Than Others

In the United States of America why does Steny Hoyer get better health care than I do? Why does he get a personal security detail, and I don’t? Why don’t my tax dollars get me what he has? Why should any politician get more than ordinary citizens do from our taxes? How much freedom do we have left with armed guards all over the place?

From Hillary Night by digby:

As a personal aside, I have a telling anecdote to share about the evening. I was waiting at the elevator at the Pepsi center with Julie Bergman Sender, who is shooting a film of the convention, when we were rather brusquely pushed aside by a couple of security guys and told to wait. A large entourage of big men in black suits came marching down the hallway and I thought, this has to be somebody really, really important like Al Gore or Bill Clinton. After all, politicians are casually hobnobbing all over the place this week. Only the biggest names have this kind of security.

It was Steny Hoyer.
One definition of liberty is “freedom from physical restraint.”

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