Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's The Big Deal?

So the Democratic Presidential Convention began last night. What’s the big deal?

These things consist of people of privilege giving speeches to people of privilege along with people of privilege interviewing people of privilege, while the dissenters are kept locked out of the proceedings never to be truly heard. This is democracy?

The speeches, the pomp, and the insufferable news people (I can’t stand Katie Couric) are mostly boring as hell. There is only so much of “Hooray for us” that I can take.

The whole spectacle reminds me too much of a preacher preaching to his flock of sheep. The sheep are the true source of all the power and money that somehow is always relinquished to the preacher. The same thing happens in politics.

I did see some of Ted Kennedy last night. I’m glad he seems to be doing so well.

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