Friday, September 12, 2008

Cherry Picking The Bible

From What atheists can’t answer…

I challenge any sane person to open up a Bible and not be repulsed by the horrors contained within it. If one were really to live their lives based upon biblical teaching, one might find themselves at best facing a long spell in prison and at worst on charges of genocide. “But” says the believer “it’s a story, not all of it is meant to be taken literally”.

And this is why this question is so absurd. What the Bible thumping believer fails to understand is that it’s all very well cherry picking the Bible to find nuggets of moral teaching, but on what basis does one choose what is moral and what is not? The criteria for throwing out the nasty and picking the good come from outside of the Bible and are not under the exclusive ownership of those who believe in a deity. Scripture itself gives us no clues so anyone making these choices is using the same judgment that the secular amongst us make. The Bible has absolutely nothing to do with it. Those who continue to believe differently have either not read the Bible or have a very sadistic outlook on life.

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