Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah The Pit Bull

I think the women’s movement still has a way to go. After all, the two most prominent female politicians of 2008 are frequently referred to by terms that are usually reserved for canines.

I really am puzzled by the “Pit Bull” statement by Sarah Palin. If a man refers to a woman as a dog, it is objectionable. Yet when Sarah Palin likens herself to a dog it is a wonderful thing. Pit Bulls are butt ugly and mean. Is Sarah Palin saying that she is butt ugly and mean? Since when did being butt ugly and mean become qualities we seek in a Vice President? Is it because of Dick Cheney who, after all, is butt ugly and mean? Do we really want another Dick Cheney as VP?

What does it say about the Republican Right when they seem content with this practice of comparing women to dogs? After all, they seem to see nothing wrong with calling a strong-willed Democratic woman such as Hillary Clinton a bitch. And they seem to see nothing wrong with Sarah Palin calling herself a Pit Bull. I find it all to be extremely confusing. In the case of Hillary Clinton it is supposed to be a put-down, in the case of Sarah Palin it is supposed to be praise. Both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin seem to be strong-willed women. Does this mean that the terms are interchangeable? Does this mean that Hillary Clinton is a Pit Bull? Does this mean I can call Sarah Palin a bitch, and if I do, what exactly would it mean?

A larger question about all of this is also on my mind. Why do voters fall for all of this stupidity?

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Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Whoever coined this Pit Bull with lipstick is doing a disservice to the Best Friends Animal Society who painstakingly are rehabilitating Vicks figthing dogs.

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