Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chaos Theory

From Red Mind, Blue Mind? by Wray Herbert:

New York University psychologist John Jost and his colleagues have been using time-tested instruments to plumb the unconscious attitudes of both self-proclaimed conservatives and liberals. Although most everyone prefers order to chaos, the psychologists found this yearning to be much more potent in conservatives than in liberals. Put another way, conservatives have little tolerance for any messiness, let alone rebelliousness, even on this basic neuronal level. Liberals, by contrast, have a deep-wired preference for flexibility and progress over tradition. The starkest difference between conservatives and liberals was related to feminism, which conservatives believe in their gut to be a threat to their ordered world.
This does not make much sense to me. If this is true why are conservatives so hawkish? War is the most chaotic, messy, rebellious, and disorderly activity invented since the dawn of time. You would think conservatives would hate it.

I guess as long as it is out of sight and not in their own backyard it is OK.

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