Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Haunting

From Commentary: Wright issue will haunt conservative media elite by Roland S. Martin:

Now that Wright has set the so-called standard for what isn't acceptable for religious leaders, let's see these same critics take their own kind to task for making absolutely outlandish comments.

But don't stop there. Demand that candidates don't seek counsel from them. Demand that Republican candidates not go to their churches and sit in their pews and accept their contributions. And if elected, make sure those same candidates don't allow them access to the White House or halls of Congress. Turnabout is fair play, and that means guys like the Revs. Pat Robertson and John Hagee should not be sought out for their endorsements, and should be removed from any committees associated with a candidate or a political party.
It would be nice if all of this were to happen, but I don’t think it will. I believe that Wrightgate is more about race than anything else. Painting Jeremiah Wright as a crazy anti-white black man is exactly what the followers of Pat Robertson and John Hagee are looking for. Facts and reason mean nothing to them. It is all about belief. And some of them believe that a black President will seek revenge on the white population and they are trying to use Wrightgate as their “proof.” The idea of a black President haunts them.

Pat Robertson and John Hagee got where they are today by saying crazy things. That is why they are so popular. Believing crazy things is the name of the game for their followers. To them what Robertson and Hagee say is not crazy, they actually believe it.

Robertson, Hagee, and Wright are all religious leaders who have said some crazy things. The only difference is that Wright is black.

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