Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Does Technotati Define Liberal?

The little robots that decide which blogs to put in Technorati’s Blog directory of liberal blogs need some serious reprogramming. Here are some blogs that Tecnorati thinks of as liberal:

Liberally Conservative
Conservative opinion, news, views and counterpoints to Beltway Baloney and Liberal Left-Wing Nuts

Political Vindication
Political Vindication is a blog designed to cause havoc on the current liberal establishment. Our goal is to single out the lies and misdeeds of the left.

Right Pundits
Where conservatives are cool, edgy, and totally smart!

Dumb Ox Daily News
Deep political and cultural analysis, classically conservative, irreverent, witty, wry.

Neocon Express
Neocon Express Constantly Updated * Hard News * Soft News * Articles * Links * Images * and comments from a Neo-Conservative Perspective
If you check their listing of Conservative blogs the reverse does not seem to be true. In other words the Conservative blog list is not heavily populated with Liberal blogs. What gives oh mighty Technorati? Are you trying to be as fair and balanced as FoxNews?

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