Saturday, May 3, 2008

McCain The Radical

From "Hard Questions" Needed on McCain's "Radical" Health Plan by Bill Scher:

After Time Magazine's Swampland blog slapped fellow journalists on the wrist for understating the "radical" nature of Sen. John McCain's health care plan, Trudy Lieberman at the Columbia Journalism Review is also struck at McCain's "radical" plan. Furthermore, she delves deeper into the media's failure to ask questions, and the McCain campaign failure to answer them.
John McCain finally came forth this week with what his campaign dubbed a major policy speech, laying out his To Do list for health care reform ... up to this point [McCain's plans] had raised more questions than answers. Tuesday’s address wasn’t much more illuminating. In fact, in some respects, it was utterly confusing. The Straight Talk Express took a circuitous route, and the press did not clear things up.
Basically, in McCain's drive to put even more health care costs on the shoulders of working families, he's not being clear if he plans to do that "by making employees pay taxes on employer-provided coverage or by no longer allowing employers to deduct health insurance as a business expense, or by doing both," and the media isn't pressing him to clarify.

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