Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snarking Down The Campaign Trail

From Open Letter to Senator Clinton, #2:

Dear Senator Clinton, and to some extent, former President Clinton,

Despite the inevitable drubbing I will receive from my mother and uncle, I have decided that if you somehow wrest the nomination away from Barack Obama, I will not cast my vote for you in the general election.

I was asked on Newsgang Live on 4/30 whether I would vote for you, and I answered yes. The ensuing discussion has stayed in my head for 36+ hours now, and as the news cycles have inexorably progressed toward a whole lot of nothing this week, the following truths keep coming back to me:

A vote for you is a vote for Bush/Rove political conduct.

A vote for you affirms that dirty campaigns win.

A vote for you suppresses all of the new Democrats who truly believed they could transform politics by raising their collective voices.

A vote for you sells out progressive politics.

A vote for you validates the covert racism you’ve encouraged and even promoted during this campaign.

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