Monday, May 5, 2008

War Profiteers On Welfare

From Anti War Protesters Arrested in Burlington by wdh3:

According to a statement released by the protesters, they were there demanding General Dynamics "stop giving campaign contributions to the politicians responsible for regulating it, stop making Gatling guns, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction and give back the 3.6 million dollars in Vermont tax breaks General Dynamics received in 2007". I don't know about you, but that last line sure caught my attention: $3.6 million in State subsidies and tax breaks?

"This corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks belongs to working Vermonters, not a war profiteer which made $27 billion last year, and who's stocks have tripled while the Vermont economy has tanked," said demonstrator Jonathan Leavitt. "While our state struggles with Jim Douglas' budget cuts and layoffs, gas prices, affordable housing and lack of health coverage, war profiteers like General Dynamics steal tax breaks from working families. We're here today as Vermonters to say no more handouts for war profiteers."

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