Monday, July 21, 2008

Always Look On The Bright Side

From Mayor wants Python film ban ended by Carl Yapp:

She's not the messiah, she's the mayor of Aberystwyth and she has a plan.

Sue Jones-Davies is trying to overturn a near 30-year ban imposed by the town on Monty Python's Life of Brian - the film in which she played a role.

Long before she donned her mayoral robes in the mid Wales town, she played Brian's girlfriend in the movie.

Opponents claimed it made fun of Jesus, but she says it is "amazing" that a town like hers still officially bars a movie now regarded as a comedy classic.

In 1979, however, it grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons, with critics accusing the Python team of blasphemy with its story about a Jewish man who was mistaken for the messiah and then crucified.
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My favorite naughty bit from The Life of Brian:

I have a few questions about this ban. If you live in Aberystwyth and download naughty bits of The Life of Brian does Aberystwyth send jack-booted thugs to knock down your door and shoot you?

If you order the DVD of The Life of Brian and live in Aberystwyth will they crucify you?

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