Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is Barack Obama Selling His Soul?

Bruce A. Jacobs likes fireworks and I don’t. However, I like the "jingoistic, imperialist crapola holiday" description his friend gives for the Fourth of July, and I agree with Mr. Jacobs's assessment of Barack Obama.

From Fireworks by Bruce A. Jacobs:

I don't like it, this ever-squishier, ever-less-principled Obama we're getting. It's the part of his persona I mistrust the most: the part of him (and his campaign) that does not seem to understand the difference between principled compromise and expedient pandering. It is also a recipe for disaffection in the Democratic base that, if it continues, could affect voter turnout and aid McCain. This kind of weather-vane political twirling helped to beat Kerry, it beat Hillary Clinton, and it could beat Obama. One friend of mine suggests that Obama's plan is to make all the concessions he needs to get elected, and to then rear up and implement his intended progressive agenda once he's in office. I don't buy it. I have yet to see a presidential contender sell his or her principles on the campaign trail and then buy them back in the White House.
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Bruce A. Jacobs is the author of Race Manners for the 21st Century: Navigating the Minefield Between Black and White Americans in an Age of Fear.

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