Thursday, July 24, 2008

They Don't Like Bill O'Reilly In Vermont

From Right-Wing TV Pundit O'Reilly Sticks Foot in Mouth Over Death of Vermont Girl, 12 by Skeeter Sanders:

Gibbs told reporters that O'Reilly "has no interest in telling the truth to his viewers," only in generating controversy to boost his ratings -- which have come under increasing pressure in recent months from arch-rival Keith Olbermann's talk show on MSNBC. The unabashedly liberal Olbermann has mercilessly challenged O'Reilly's credibility on the air at every opportunity.

Gibbs vowed that Vermonters won't be intimidated by O'Reilly's bombastic attacks. "What Bill O'Reilly says and does has no influence on public policy in Vermont," he said.

Readers of The Times Argus were much more blunt in their criticism of O'Reilly. In comments posted on the newspaper's Web site, Paul Parsons tore into O'Reilly's broadside.

"I am not a supporter of Douglas by any means, but this goes beyond the pale of decency," Parsons wrote. "Who is this clown [O'Reilly], who has his own issues with sexual harassment, to challenge what we do in this state? Why doesn't he run for office and then try and change somewhere to what he thinks is the right way to live?"

Wrote reader Zachary Hughes, "I have had it with Nancy Grace [who hosts a no-holds-barred criminal-justice show on CNN Headline News] and Bill-O [Olbermann's nickname for O'Reilly] trash-mouthing Vermont! How much longer is Vermont gonna take this?"
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