Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh! The Irony Of It All!

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence, people from 30 countries lined up to be sworn in as US citizens, and some very vocal anti-Bush protesters versus George W. Bush and his Jack-Booted Thugs:

More here and here and here and here.

Read the comments here to see how successfully President Bush has united the United States of America. Some commentators think that the protesters were impolite. Oh my goodness gracious! They should have been more polite, like those that overthrew the original King George!

I find it curious that President Bush chose to ignore the protesters. Except for that odd smirk and laugh he frequently does, he chose to go on about how we have the right to freedom of speech, without any sign that he was aware of what was going on before his very eyes. He could have simply addressed the protesters directly, acknowledged that they had their say, and then asked them to behave themselves out of respect for all involved. Why did he choose not to do this?

If you watch the 9:47 video submitted by msnbcReporter you may end up wondering the same thing as I. Who the hell is Bush winking at?

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