Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Plan Required For FUBAR

Finally, a major news organization referring to the “occupation of Iraq”, rather than the “war in Iraq.” Let’s hope there is more of this. It took them long enough.

From Occupation Plan for Iraq Faulted in Army History by Michael R. Gordon:

The story of the American occupation of Iraq has been the subject of numerous books, studies and memoirs. But now the Army has waded into the highly charged debate with its own nearly 700-page account: “On Point II: Transition to the New Campaign.”

The unclassified study, the second volume in a continuing history of the Iraq conflict, is as noteworthy for who prepared it as for what it says. In essence, the study is an attempt by the Army to tell the story of one of the most contentious periods in its history to military experts — and to itself.

It adds to a growing body of literature about the problems the United States encountered in Iraq, not all of which has been embraced by Army leaders.
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