Monday, July 7, 2008

Glenn Beck Has Made Me Feel Better

As I’ve previously written, it concerns me when I agree with Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck usually writes and says the most vile, hateful things you can imagine. Every once in awhile he lets out a curve ball that I find myself agreeing with. I find this unsettling.

Now I feel as if the world has come back into some form of correct balance and alignment. Glenn Beck is back to his usual moronic self.

He’s imagining himself as president. Someone please get that image out of my head! As president he would line up all those imprisoned at Guantanamo and shoot them in the head. He is another Santa Claus. John McCain is the other Santa. Is it possible to have more than one? Like the jolly one, Beck must just KNOW when someone has been naughty and not nice and deserving of being shot in the head. Beck must think that Habeas Corpus, the Magna Carta, trials before a jury of one’s peers, and civilization itself are quaint, insignificant remnants from some bygone time. Not to mention the concept of murder as a crime.

Beck has a “shoot them in the head” fetish:

  • "Beck has a warning for Muslims 'who have sat on [their] frickin' hands' and have not 'lin[ed] up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head'," Media Matters for America, August 10, 2006.

  • “I wonder, do we have a guy who will tell me the truth who is well spoken, who has the fire in the belly to do a couple of things: one, shoot the bad guys in the head, and, two, shrink the size of government?” Glenn Beck, September 6, 2007.

  • “I say Rudy Giuliani is the candidate who will stand up to our enemies, tell them to get the hell out or we`ll shoot them in the head.” Glenn Beck, September 6, 2007.
From Glenn Beck on how the US should treat Gitmo detainees: We’re going to shoot them all in the head by John Amato:
Listen to this rant about the Supreme Court decision on Gitmo detainees and you’ll know the state of conservatism in this country He’s like so many of them.
Beck: This court has done some frightening. frightening things….If I’m president of the US, I would go on National television and say—’ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme Court said that we don’t have Gitmo so that is over. We’re going to release all of them, but I want you to know from here on out our policy is to not have prisoners. We’re going to shoot them all in the head.’

If we think they are against us, we’re going to shoot them and kill them—period because that’s the only thing we’ve got going for us—cause we can put them away and get information. If we can’t put them away and they’re going to use our court system—kill them.
The Court never said we didn’t have Gitmo or couldn’t arrest or prosecute them. Maybe Beck could ask Bush why he can’t get guilty verdicts with all the resources we spend on the war on Terror. What an example of American thought he represents. Mass killings are only predicated on what we (US Govt) think about them. How nice. It doesn’t matter if he said this on TV or on the radio, he should be immediately fired by CNN to start with. What an embarrassment for them.
I wish to emphasize this sentence by Mr. Amato: “Maybe Beck could ask Bush why he can’t get guilty verdicts with all the resources we spend on the war on Terror.”

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Anonymous said...

He did not seriously mean shoot all the bad guys in the head. You're taking everything he says out of context. And if anyone had a fetish, I would say it's Media Matters who just love to take everything he says out of context or take a sarcastic piece and twist it to portray Glenn Beck as an evil hate-mongering conservative. Glenn Beck an amazing and good person.

Paul Thoreau said...

To anonymous:

Obviously, I disagree with you.

Thanks for your comment, however.

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