Monday, July 14, 2008

We Do It Because We Can

This makes me think of George Carlin and “the Bigger Dick Theory of Foreign Policy.” If we only had a brain.

From Whither Homo Sap by Rob Payne:

Homo saps consider themselves to be soffistuhkated. After all, some of us eat caviar on Ritz crackers, can take pictures with cell phones, and drive BMWs the ultimate driving machines, yet almost everything that is going on today in our sophisticated foreign policy is about marking territory like a dog pissing on bushes. If anyone threatens our territorial rights like Iran is doing the first primal reaction is to beat our chests. I believe a lot of what drives our foreign policy is to keep other nations like China and Russia from grabbing the territory we don’t want them to have as much as anything else. This is why I have trouble believing that Homo saps are the apex of evolution as all we have aspired to do is what wild animals do, mark out and claim territory then defend it if threatened. But unlike our much more honest cousins in the wild we lie about why we do it. Christ, we’re so noble. We want everyone to have democracy, we want to free them so they can be like us or if that doesn’t work then the enemy becomes a most evil and vile thing and therefore the greatest threat to the universe that has ever existed in the entire history of Homo saps like Iran is supposed to be today.
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