Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Following Orders

The Nuremberg Defense comes to mind. It also comes to mind when I think of how it is possible for illegal wars to be carried out.

From Pig Nation by Dennis Perrin:

…when it comes to police academies, it's clear that the war is domestic, the population The Enemy. At least, that's the impression I get after Denver and currently in St. Paul. What goes through these cops' minds when they bash a CodePink activist to the ground, calling her "bitch," which happened in Denver, or when they manhandle someone as small as Amy Goodman, which just happened in St. Paul? Not to mention all the anonymous people beaten, pepper sprayed and arrested in between? I mean, these big bad Alpha pricks dressed in riot gear, backed by massive force, beating the shit out of women? What the fuck is wrong with them? Obviously, they feel it's okay, as their superiors make excuses, citing "security risks," and St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman -- a Democrat -- brags about police "restraint."

Welcome to Pig Nation, a bi-partisan production that will receive more of our money regardless who wins the White House.
Just know that I write my ass off for zero money, still perform blue collar work to pay the bills, and that my book, while selling well, has yet to net me a dime. The advance was laughably low, and already spent on gas. Meantime, I see others making a living writing socially acceptable, even "edgy" prose for larger outlets. So why the fuck am I wasting my time doing this for free?

Oh yeah. Because I care. For what that's worth.
Mr. Perrin:

If you had a comments section on your blog I would write to you and encourage you to continue writing your blog. While I don’t agree with everything you write, your blog demonstrates some of the most independent thinking that I have come across on all of the web. I for one appreciate that. For what that’s worth.

Hopefully, independent thinking will become contagious. Independent thinking coupled with independent actions on the part of a few police people and a few soldiers could help to put an end to some of the current atrocities that anger so many of us.

We all need to stand up for what's right.

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