Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What The GOP Stands For

Perhaps GOP should be changed from “Grand Old Party” to “Greedy Old People.” Better still would be “Greedy Old Corrupt People.” So let’s change GOP to GOCP.

From Despite Indictment, Stevens is GOP's Pick by Lindsay Renick Mayer:

What does it take to be your party's candidate-of-choice for the Senate even after you've been indicted in a scandal? Apparently it takes $4.2 million and 39 years in Congress already under your belt. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) won his party's primary race Tuesday, despite being indicted for allegedly failing to report $250,000 in gifts from the embattled oil services company Veco. Veco employees have given Stevens $28,500 for his re-election campaign this election cycle. Stevens's competitors in the primary were self-financed and came nowhere near bringing in his haul.
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Since Sarah Palin is not as old as Ted Stevens or John McCain perhaps a change to GCP (“Greedy Corrupt People”) would be best.

From Alleged Reformer Sarah Palin’s Ties To Indicted Senator Ted Stevens by smartcrow:
John McCain’s alleged reformer VP pick, Sarah Palin, is closely tied to indicted Alaska Senator Ted Steven’s who boosted her 2006 gubernatorial campaign with a last minute endorsement. Palin was a director of Steven’s 527 group which has been questioned on ethical grounds, as reported on the Washington Post.
The WP also reports that a campaign commercial featuring Stevens and Palin during Palin’s 2006 gubernatorial race was removed from her gubernatorial site AFTER receiving the VP nod from McCain.

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