Sunday, February 22, 2009

Careless Glenn, Bizarre Glenn

Glenn Beck is one careless right-wing-nut.

From Be Prepared by Glenn Beck:

If you believe this country was founded on divine providence — like our founders did — you believe that freedom was important enough that God got involved personally.

That's why this country was set up in a very specific way. Our rights and liberties come to us from God and we lend them to the government. Washington currently seems to have a different spin on that: government is god.

But, if you believe in the founders' ideals, it makes sense that God would give us an early warning system. That's your gut — don't dismiss it.
The whole “the founders founded America as a Christian nation” has become extremely tiresome, but this particular Glenn Beck version is simply too outrageous to ignore. Either Glenn Beck is careless, ignorant, or lying. How can one prove that God was personally involved in the founding of our nation when one cannot prove the existence of God?
Remember: The impossible sometimes turns into the reality quicker than you can imagine. Ask anyone who is running a bank or flipping houses.
By definition, something that is impossible is always impossible. If Glenn Beck meant to write that what appears to be impossible can sometimes turn out to actually be possible, then why didn’t he write that? And why didn’t God help him with his poorly constructed sentence? I think that maybe God is on the side of the atheists, don’t you?

Glenn Beck is one bizarre right-wing-nut.

Here is a video segment in which it appears (sometimes I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about) that Beck wants us to be prepared for an armageddon by arming ourselves so that we can actually make that possible armageddon into reality. Glenn Beck is afraid of some imagined scenario. He wants us to share his fear. I can’t do that. I’m already filled with fear of the reality that is Glenn Beck.

Funny how much Beck is behind the times and disconnected from reality. I remember when many Americans felt “anger and discontent at home” and felt “disenfranchised” and were feeling “isolated from their political leaders” and were “betrayed over and over.” However, the year was 2000, not 2014. Beck doesn’t envision the internet connecting like-minded people until 2014? He doesn’t envision militias until 2014? What planet is this guy from?

From Crazy Glenn Beck by Tom Tomorrow:
…the week after that plane landed in the Hudson, Crazy Glenn Beck was talking about how it was a sign from God for us to stay calm in these uncertain times. And he didn’t mean it as some sort of metaphor — it was literally a message to Americans from God Almighty not to panic, that He is here with us and we will survive the current economic turmoil.

Kind of a roundabout way for Him to get the word out, but okay, whatever. But then shortly afterwards came the horrible plane crash in Buffalo, which, of course, no one survived. Unfortunately I didn’t listen to Crazy Glenn Beck after that one, so I’m not sure what follow-up message God was allegedly sending us there.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy Glenn is truly crazy--now god speaks via transportation. What is he saying with the thousands of automobile accidents every year? Could it be--much of life is purely random? Take the bus--fewer accidents and greater holiness?

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