Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama Press Conference

I am listening to Obama’s Press Conference right now. The first thing I notice is that I don’t immediately want to give him the finger. That was my first reaction whenever Bush appeared on television.

Unlike Bush, Obama sounds intelligent. He is a vast improvement in that regard.

I think that Obama is right when he says that what America needs right now is jobs. Government spending that may result in more Americans working is something I’m willing to give a chance. Bush’s way was simply a transfer of wealth to the richest Americans. The TARP program gave billions to the banks without much oversight. It wasn’t what I wanted to see, more money given to wealthy bankers. At least Obama seems to want to focus on regular working class Americans. They are the true backbone of this country, and it’s time the government stopped giving them the shaft.

A lot of people in the press haven’t changed, however. Many of them still sound like idiots.

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