Thursday, February 26, 2009

John Boehner Tells A Big Lie

John Boehner reacting to the Obama Budget:

On Tuesday, the president called to Congress to make fiscal responsibility a priority, and Republicans agree. That’s why it’s ironic that on the very next day, House Democrats would pass a $410 billion appropriation bill, 8 percent above last year’s levels, and including some 9,000 earmarks. I think we’ve just got to admit it. We’re broke, and we can’t continue to pile debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. The president campaigned against wasteful spending, and he ought to veto this bill.

As you know the president sent his budget to Congress today. Middle class families are making sacrifices and cutting their expenses. It’s time for Washington to do the same. We need to do that by stopping out-of-control federal spending.

The American people know that we can’t tax and spend our way to prosperity. That’s just the formula that appears the president’s budget is relying on. The era of big government is back, and Democrats are asking you to pay for it. The administration’s plan -- I think, it’s a job killer, plain and simple. And it raises taxes on all Americans while we’re in the middle of a recession.
Perhaps Boehner doesn’t think that any Americans make less that $250,000 dollars a year. What a bonehead Boehner is. Obama wants to cut taxes for those Americans that make less than $250,000. Stop lying, Mr. Boehner. The American public is tired of all the lies.

Why didn’t Boehner speak out against his former boss when George W. Bush piled “debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids.” We are broke. Whose fault is that? Why not take a look in the mirror, Mr. Boehner? It is not the fault of Barack Obama. We were broke under George W. Bush. Why didn’t you complain then, Mr. Boehner? It is better to tax and spend, than to not tax and spend.

The era of big government started a long time ago. George W. Bush and John Boehner did nothing to make government smaller. It is misleading to say that Obama is responsible for big government.

From Obama unveils $3.6 trillion budget for 'new era' by Robert Schroeder:
Tax increases for the wealthy -- those individuals making more than $200,000 and families whose incomes are over $250,000 -- wouldn't kick in until 2011, Obama's budget director said Thursday, rejecting charges that the administration is raising taxes during a recession.

"That's just factually wrong," budget director Peter Orszag told reporters. "We're not doing that."

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