Saturday, February 21, 2009

Real Talent

Hank Greenberg thinks that the majority of Americans are not talented.

From Hank Greenberg's latest targets: salary curbs, AIG fire sale by Colleen McCarthy:

Former American International Group chairman Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg criticized the Obama administration’s steps to restrict executive compensation for firms that receive federal aid, saying the move will result in an exodus of talent.

“What kind of people are you going to get for $500,000? Anyone with real talent will just go elsewhere,” Mr. Greenberg told an audience in New York Thursday. He spoke as part of a panel discussion, sponsored by New York-based Source Communications, on the current financial crisis.
Isn’t greed what got us into the mess we are in right now? Perhaps “real talent” might be found in a person who thinks of ethics, morality, and the good of the country as being more important than how much money he can make. Or should I say, how much money he can steal?

By the way, just exactly how talented is Mr. Greenberg? I mean, AIG has just been such a rousing success, after all.

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