Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unfunny And Immature Ex-Presidents

Why did we ever want these guys as our supreme leader?

The National Automobile Dealers Association members who laughed at these two clowns should be ashamed of themselves.

Wolf Blitzer is an ass.

One time we thought we'd outsmarted the crowd. We sent a decoy limousine off in one direction while I snuck out the back entrance. And we rounded the corner -- I'll never forget it -- and I saw one of the ugliest and angriest women I have ever seen in my entire life. Boy, she was really bad. And she charged my car with a sign... and came up right next to the window: "Stay out of my womb!" No problem, buddy (lady?).
I won’t give my opinions on how attractive I think Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton are. Perhaps you can guess. I will say that the world would be a better place if George W. Bush had never been born.

Instead of ending with “No problem, buddy (lady?)” Bush should have said “Bar, I wish you had told me that sooner.”

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