Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rush Rants On Lincoln And Obama

From President Obama Attaches Himself to the Mythical "Bipartisan" Lincoln:

RUSH: Right, so Barack Obama is bringing Abraham Lincoln to a whole generation that's never been taught about Abraham Lincoln, and they're learning he might have been gay, that his wife was nuts, that he suffered from depression, that he was a racist. Thank you, President Obama. Thank you, CNN. You are doing the job that everybody expects of you: taking every tradition and institution that defined this country's greatness and trying to rip it to shreds.
RUSH: There's one more point I gotta make, I have to make about Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes my patience wears thin when I see these frauds, these pretenders like Obama try to attach themselves to the greatness of Abraham Lincoln. (doing Obama impression) "They would want us to behave in a bipartisan way, in the same way that he saved America." Abraham Lincoln put his opponents in jail, and I'm about in favor of us doing the same thing pretty soon. During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. That meant you could be thrown in jail without being told why. All they had to do was suspect that you were subverting the Union effort to win the war, and they could jail you!
Has Barack Obama ever actually used the word “bipartisan” to describe Lincoln? Haven’t Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush already taken “every tradition and institution that defined this country's greatness” and already ripped them to shreds? If Mr. Limbaugh thinks that a whole generation has never been taught anything about Abraham Lincoln perhaps the lack of government funding for public education under Republican leadership has something to do with it.

Speaking of education, perhaps Rush could stand to have some himself. One is not supposed to use a singular pronoun when referring to something plural in the same sentence. Do you only criticize others Mr. Limbaugh? Perhaps you need to turn some of that criticism towards yourself.

Mr. Limbaugh, you are behind the times. The stigmas against gays and people suffering from depression continue to fade into oblivion. Only ignorant people like you are hanging on to them for dear life. Lincoln was a racist in a time when perhaps the majority of Americans were racist. Lincoln used his intellect to change his mind and become less racist. Lincoln used his eloquence to convince other Americans to change their minds and become less racist. For someone who admires Lincoln you certainly don’t seem to want to try to emulate him. Try to use your intellect, Mr. Limbaugh, change your mind and try to embrace reality for a change.

Rush Limbaugh thinks that Abraham Lincoln didn’t try to unite the North and the South after the Civil War because he suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War? Is that what he is saying? How absurd can one get? It was Ulysses S. Grant who suspended habeas corpus during the 1870’s, not Lincoln. Has Rush even read the Gettysburg Address? Does he have any idea of its meaning? Lincoln was trying to unify the country, like Obama is trying to do now. Rush thinks Lincoln is great. Why? He has no sense of the historical facts of Lincoln.

I do not understand the Limbaugh mindset. He appears to like the fact that Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and that he put his opponents in jail (actually the country’s opponents.) This is not exactly what most people think of as Lincoln's crowning achievment, but not good old Rush. Rush admits that he would like be able to put his opponents in jail as well. Somehow, in Limbaugh’s mind, this turns Obama into a fraud. By using a strange form of twisted logic Rush chooses one of the things that Lincoln did that appears on the surface (but perhaps not in reality) to be against uniting the country. Rush says, because of this, Obama is not like Lincoln. Rush ignores (or lies about) the things that Lincoln actually did do towards unifying the country. These are the things that Lincoln and Obama share, of course, the things that prove that Obama is not a fraud in this instance.

Rush is Rush, and truth is truth; and never the twain shall meet.

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