Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's Obama's Best Move So Far?

The current Straw Poll over at Doonsebury.com:

A week into the new administration, President Obama has taken dramatic action on numerous fronts, both foreign and domestic.

What's Obama's best move so far?
  • Bipartisanship. Taking the field with a Team of Rivals, breaking bread with critics, confabbing in Congress with GOP leaders -- and not bad-mouthing their beefs. Sounds like a tone upgrade to me.

  • Al Arabia interview. Speaking directly to the Arab world, reaching out respectfully to Muslims, emphasizing the centrality of settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Good to see a commander in chief willing to deploy himself and not just the Army. Way to hit the re-set button.

  • Gitmo. Ordering the plug-pull was step one towards re-taking the moral high ground and getting us back into our national comfort zone. Oh, and extra credit for the renewed shout-out to Geneva. Torture bad. We knew that.

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