Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jaw Dropping

Here is some of what Mary Matalin said on the Today Show this morning:

I, I, well, this is a different kind of presidency, isn’t it? Although these are old-timey policies, the likes of which, though, at this, of this magnitude we’ve never seen. And to pay for this, we are going to not just raise taxes on the rich — two-thirds of whom are small business owners who create three-quarters of all the jobs — but now we’re gonna eliminate tax deductions for that same class of people. We are absolutely going to discourage investment, savings, job creation, and we’re going to — he says he’s gonna reduce the deficit, cut it in half, which is still a greater deficit than George Bush ever had. It is, it is jaw-dropping. That’s a good word for it, Meredith.
Old-timey policies? What the hell does she mean by that?

Like George W. Bush, Mary Matalin does not know what a small business is. It is small, it is not large. The rich are large business owners. The poor and the middle class own small businesses. If two thirds of the rich “are small business owners who create three-quarters of all the jobs” then why do we care so much about the possible failure of large banks and large automakers? Let the big businesses fail, let everyone go work for all the small businesses.

Who cut taxes drastically for the rich? George W. Bush. Who screwed the economy and left it for Barack Obama to try and fix? George W. Bush. Who kept things like the wars off the books to try and make himself look better? George W. Bush. Bush screwed everything up terribly. Bush let rich people get even more rich and what happened? Nothing trickled down to the poor and middle class, and the banks tanked, and the home builders tanked, and the mortgage lenders tanked, and the auto makers tanked, and the economy tanked. Obama is trying to undo the damage Bush has done, and Mary Matilin doesn’t like it? She wants to continue doing the same things that Bush did? What is wrong with her?

I hope that Matalin’s jaw drops far enough so that it falls off. Then we won’t ever have to listen to her mindless drivel ever again.

The right-wing-nuts love to lie in concert.

From Matthews did not challenge Ehrlich's false suggestion about small business taxes:
On MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews did not challenge former Gov. Robert Ehrlich's false suggestion that President Obama's proposal to let the Bush tax cuts for wealthy taxpayers expire would increase taxes on a large percentage of small businesses. In fact, Obama has proposed raising marginal income tax rates and reducing income tax deductions for individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and for couples earning more than $250,000 per year, and according to the Tax Policy Center, just 2 percent of tax returns that reported small business income in 2007 are in the top two income tax brackets, which include all filers with taxable incomes that would be affected.

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