Monday, February 16, 2009

How Selfish Are Republicans?

Do Republican politicians even want the economy to recover? Are they placing their own self-interests before the interests of their constituents? It seems to me that all that the Republican politicians want to do right now is to try to make Barack Obama look bad. Good luck with that. Instead of making Obama look bad they are simply digging their own graves. They are continuing the terrible Bush legacy of pettiness, bullheadedness, and assholeness. The American public eventually caught up with how bad Bush was, and eventually they will catch up with how bad the remaining Republican politicians are.

These petty bastards should put partisan politics aside and actually try to do something to help this country and its citizens!!! In other words, stop being assholes!!!

From Opposing Obama on Stimulus, Republicans Party Like It's 1993 by Jon Perr:

Ultimately, of course, history was not kind to the Republican obstructionists who put politics before public policy. Reagan's massive 1981 tax cuts led to even more massive budget deficits, forcing the Gipper to later raise taxes twice. George W. Bush, too, saw the federal government hemorrhage red ink and presided over the worst eight-year economic record of any modern American president. Meanwhile, Democrat Bill Clinton's tenure in the 1990's witnessed rapid economic growth, low unemployment, balanced budgets and projected surpluses.

As for Barack Obama, it's clear that he's in for more of the same treatment as Bill Clinton. No doubt with a twinkle in his eye, Karl Rove said Thursday of the Republicans' stimulus stonewalling, "they are playing their hand extraordinarily well." Through their onstructionism, he said, "House Republicans have used the stimulus bill to redefine their party." And Bill Kristol, who almost single-handedly rallied the GOP to block the Clinton health care plan in 1994, last week called on Republicans to give Barack Obama a repeat on the stimulus - and just about everything else:
"But the loss of credibility, even if they jam it through, really hurts them on the next, on the next piece of legislation. Clinton got through his tax increases in '93, it was such a labor and he had to twist so many arms to do it and he became so unpopular...

...That it made, that it made it so much easier to then defeat his health care initiative. So, it's very important for Republicans who think they're going to have to fight later on on health care, fight later on maybe on some of the bank bailout legislation, fight later on on all kinds of issues."
And so it goes. Even in defeat, the Republicans want to party like it's 1993.
When will the remaining Republican voters wake up to the fact that Republican politicians put themselves first, corporate America second, and American citizens last?

Why is Karl Rove a weekly op-ed writer for The Wall Street Journal, a Newsweek columnist and writing a book to be published by Simon & Schuster when he should be in jail?

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