Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Karl Rove's Replacement

Karl Rove has been replaced by a hurricane. His name is Gustav. Karl Rove no longer tells Bush what to do. Gustav does.

From What Gustav Does by Noemie Emery:

(1) Gets Bush out of St. Paul, where he would have given a speech that the media and the Democrats would have pounced on, and puts him in the eye of the storm, doing the nation’s business, where he will be welcomed and greeted by friendly Republican governors.
“Doing the nation’s business” makes it sound like he will be crapping on the nation. Haven’t we already had enough of this from Bush?

Read 2 through 9 here, if you dare, to find out what other politically strategic things Gustav does. You will end up wondering if Noemie Emery realizes that Gustav is actually a hurricane. Karl Rove may have been a destructive force of nature, like Gustav, but he really is a person.

What will the Republicans do after Gustav is gone?

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